What is love?


This article is not meant to discuss the love that ties families together neither does it tackle national patriotic feelings nor approaches religious adoration… The purpose of the following text concerns the love that touches the romantic and passionate feelings one person might have towards another person usually of the opposite sex! 

When the term “he” is used, it could mean “she” because the same ideas apply for both sexes.


No matter how strong willed a human being can be, once affected by love, he is no longer the same individual. Weakened by passion he loses control over his rational mind. He would remain feeble and vulnerable until he realizes that the feelings are mutual or that he is getting a clear rejection from the beloved person. Love then turns into anger and the person in love is bound to employ any resource to lure the other person he so far did not succeed in seducing. This goes to the use of promises, gifts, poetry, wealth, might,… sometimes even threats and force!


What the heart got to do with love?

Contrary to common belief, one’s heart has nothing to do with love! In reality it is the brain that falls in love. That been said, severe emotional states, including love related ones may impact a person’s heart condition!


What initiates love?

  • The physiognomy

There is a multitude of ideal physiognomies imbedded in our heads! Once we set our sight on a person portraying any of these features, we are instinctively attracted to her which explains why a large number of individuals are attracted to the same small number of people!

  • The age factor

Similarly to fruits that look appealing at a specific development stage, humans look pretty and appealing at a certain age. In both cases the attraction declines passed that specific cycle.

  • The behavior

Some people charm with their knowledge, the content of their discussion, their approach, and/or the way they talk, smile, react or move.


Should love be mutual?

This is everyone’s wish however it is not a frequent occurrence. More often than not, one person falls unilaterally for another. The latter either rejects the loving person or, after weighing his options, concedes to being loved, tries to lower his expectations and seize the opportunity!


Is love initiated by sex appeal?

Sex appeal is definitely important and sex could be performed without love. Sex is a natural need while love is a soul requisite!

Sex nurtures a love initiated relationship further to extending its life.


Is love eternal?

There is nothing as wrong as: “till death does us apart” proclaimed in wedding ceremonies! With the large number of divorce approaching 50% of marriages and the high percentage of loveless marriage relationships, only one interpretation stands: mutual love is a rare happening, and when it happens, it has a short life span! The longer we live close to the person, with whom we are in love, the less likely it is that we keep the spark going.





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