Why do I hate Christmas celebrations?


Why do I hate Christmas?

Year after year, I realize that Christmas is mainly a celebration of lies. We forgot what the main reason for celebrating is!  Did the whole world lose his mind!


Christmas tree

Why and how the “Fir Tree” became the ultimate Christmas symbol? In the Middle East, where Jesus Christ was born, this tree never existed!


Santa Claus

The fictive “Santa Claus” character created centuries ago has but one clear description: a white thick bearded old man with big belly wearing a funny red costume and carrying on his back a large bag of wrapped presents. He travels in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer! Despite Santa Claus age and corpulence and despite the size of his bag, he still slips through house chimneys to deliver the gifts he is carrying. Worst of all, after working hard at convincing kids that Santa Claus really exists; a day will come where we have to tell them that the whole thing is nothing but a scenario therefore: a big lie!


The presents

When I was young, the norm wanted that each kid gets one present. Nowadays, each kid receives many presents much to the frustration of those who receive less!


Furthermore a new habit arose making it a must for gift exchange between adults.  Time and Money are wasted buying presents that are most of the time useless to the receiver. The gifts are either stored away or more hours are lost in the attempt to exchange them!



Among Christmas party celebrations, lunches and dinners are organized, meals are prepared in abundance. Leftovers are often tremendous! Large quantities of food is sometimes thrown in the garbage!



I strongly believe that we have lost the original spirit of Christmas. Christianity is as such far from being celebrated properly:

  • It is becoming a spending spree occasion. Nearly 30% of all year purchases are spent in this particular time.
  • Many people fall into debt while buying things that nobody need.
  • Our health might get affected by over drinking and overeating where in so many parts of the world other people are starving.
  • Instead of emphasizing on the fact that Jesus was born in a barn, a symbol of humility, we shift our attention and that of our children towards fictive characters with the impression that we will all be happier within the lavishness of presents and gifting.

رأيان حول “Why do I hate Christmas celebrations?

  1. Nayla Korban كتب:

    N’oublions pas que beaucoup de personnes généreuses travaillent discrètement et bénévolement pour rendre le Noël de certaines autres plus Joyeux. D’autres profitent des fêtes pour faire des dons en argent à des organismes qui viennent en aide aux plus démunis… Le problème, c’est que la vraie générosité ne fait pas d’annonces publicitaires, elle se fait dans l’ombre, ce qui met sur la sellette seulement le côté commercial de Noël… J’espère que ce rappel te réconcilie avec cette fête, Bachir. Joyeux Noël à toi, à Micha, à Dana et à tous les chrétiens de ce monde.

    • Merci Nayla pour ton commentaire. Cependant il faudra remarquer que ceux et celles qui se donnent pour rendre Noël plus joyeux pour certaines catégories de la société restent une minorité infime de notre monde. En plus les sommes recueillies pour cette cause ne représentent qu’un pourcentage minuscule en comparaison avec ce qui se dépense de façon presque inutile. Les personnes qui participent à aider les démunis ne sont pas oubliées et le but de l’article est de pousser la société à revenir à l’esprit initial de Noël qui demeure la célébration de la naissance de Jésus-Christ qui est né dans une étable et qui est venu au monde pour sauver l’humanité.
      Joyeux Noël Nayla à toi aussi, à Nabil et toute la famille.

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