My problem with Fashion Designers: Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and others..


My problem with Fashion Designers: Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and others..


Fashion designers once called ‘’Grand Couturier and Atelier de Haute Couture’’ have existed for a long time. Many of the old prestigious brand names still dominate current markets.


The quality of the material used in product making once defined its ultimate value. Name tags were discretely sewn on the inside of garments. To know the brand of a tie, a person had to flip it to read the tag while to identify the brand of a blazer, a curious individual would have to amicably turn open its front side to see who is the manufacturer.


In modern days where advertisements are an absolute must for the success of any business, ads designed to promote a specific brand cost a fortune. Advertisements prices are function of the chosen broadcasting medium. Will it appear on TV, will it publish in mass media, will it be on posters in businesses or on public display panels, will is be on circulating flyer,… It is tough to reach people, interfere with their selection process and influence their buying decision.


That being said to reach points where consumers will gladly and willingly pay hefty amounts of money to turn themselves into brand name ad-carriers is something hard to digest! I was outraged  to see Tommy Hilfiger flooding the markets with sweaters displaying his brand name! It is usual for companies interested in promoting their brand to give away free sweaters bearing their logos. In Tommy Hilfiger’s case, it was the total opposite: people had to pay big money to wear a product with a large printed sign showing the designer’s product!


As for women’s bags, we see manufacturer’s logos printed all over the exterior leather: Louis Vuitton’s bags have “LV” all over the visible material. Women wait in line in Paris and everywhere else to get hold of at least one item at astronomical prices! Hermes does the same, the “H” would show all over a plain color tie! Let us not talk about Chanel, Gucci and the many others…


What happened to civilization? Aren’t we assimilating our way of life to that of Monkey Cousins? When someone wears something cool everybody flocks to imitate him/her!    A song says: Follow the leader… Leader… Follow the leader… Well everybody is imitating the Leader no matter the cost!


In the old days, fancy and or wealthy people would pay some extra money to have the Tailors embroider their initials on their shirts and garments. Not anymore…

In fact the largest portion of the price goes against the Brand Name of the product, even if this product is manufactured in a TCN country where labor is very cheap!


There is no doubt that most of the times, the products carrying a famous brand names are good products. But some no brand products can be as good and will cost less because they are not affiliated with a well-known big name!


Is there any way out of this? Could we foresee a day where a product is valued for itself rather than for the value of the Logo it carries?



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  1. therebelchronicles كتب:

    Very true! Quality doesn’t seem to matter anymore to people, it’s the flashy brand that people want to pay big money for! I personally believe this is due to the rise of the so called “nouveaux riches” generation, those that are not used to having so much money and would rather proudly display it for all others to see!

    • Thank you for your commentary. In the past, people bought items in order to use them. For example, they would buy a bag for the sole purpose of using it and to put things in it. Nowadays they buy the bag as a statement to show that they can afford it and they are up to date in their fashion looks!

  2. Laurance Y.Naim كتب:

    I agree with your point of view.
    People have forgotten how to be true to themselves .
    The true fortune come from inside a person and not from wearing haute couture!!!!!
    Avoir du caractère pour
    Imposer son propre style selon sa propre personnalité c’est un grand défit!
    Les Kardashian , Paris Hilton,la télé réalité, les stars d’Hollywood et leurs excès !!!
    ‘L’image d’un bonheur éphémère et superficiel !!!!!!
    Personne de caractère et de valeurs versus les objets de Haute Couture!!!!!
    Qui gagnera à la fin ????

    • Merci Laurance pour ce commentaire qui est très intelligent et qui représente la réalité dans laquelle nous vivons. Des personnes avec aucun talent accèdent à des fortunes et la jeunesse essaie de les imiter tandis que les vrais personnes talentueuses sont marginalisées!

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