Marriage then and marriage now!



Marriage has changed quite a bit over the last half century. Couples are no longer what they used to be. Has this change been for the better?


The marriage ceremony

  • Religion played a larger role in weddings.
  • Wedding ceremonies costs were way less than the extravagant amounts of the present days.
  • Marriages were frequent, they lasted longer and divorces rates were way below what they are today.


The home

  • Houses were smaller.
  • Households were composed of larger families.


The master bedroom

  • Was a randomly selected amongst the different bedrooms of the house. Parents shared the bathroom with the other members of the family.
  • Parents slept in separate beds. Queen size beds are a must today.
  • Sex was performed in the darkness during the night.
  • Attractions between couples during the sexual act relied more on senses than on eyesight. In the dark everybody is beautiful!
  • Some entire families lived in a single open space where parents had no privacy yet all managed to find joy in their lives.


Job description

  • There was a clear job description to each of the married couple. No one stepped on his partner territory!
  • It is true that the old way lacked equality between the two sexes nevertheless the modern way drove some couples into chaotic situations where each one’s role is no longer defined!
  • Community men had their own night gatherings and were enthusiastic to reunite with their wives once back at home.
  • Women used to struggle to make ends meet. After the long household task hours, they were eager to their husband’s appreciation!


Family reunion

  • Happened almost every day especially at meal times and on evenings.
  • Family members talked to each-other. Today each person is watching a different TV program, or talking on the phone, or texting, or e-mailing or surfing the web!




In conclusion

  • Couples might want to get back to basics as opposed to relying on the ‘’clichés’’ governing modern societies.
  • Couples should make time to communicate with each other without the distractions of modern life. The same should apply to family times.
  • Couples should give space to each other. They should even force themselves onto taking a personal private time!
  • Life was never a novel. Couples may not necessarily love each other the same way, have the same tastes, be of the same opinions, react identically and/or derive the conclusions. Men and women are created to be different from one another. It is up to the couple to find common denominators to enjoy their times despite their clear and evident differences.
  • The double bed is the worst invention of the modern world. Couples can be close to each regardless of the space that separates them!
  • While selecting their counterparts, individuals should look for the inner beauty of the partner rather than his outer appearance as internal beauty outlasts by far the external one.
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