When a man loves a woman…

Since the beginning of time , a major difference existed between the behavior of a man once he is attracted to a woman and the opposite scenario when a woman is attracted to a man. We heard many times the saying that Men are from Mars whereas Women are from Venus.

When a man falls in love with a woman, he wants her like she is. He does not care about her wealth, social status, education, skills etc… He is ready to accept her even if she were the poorest creature on earth. He is blinded by her beauty and stolen by her charm. We grew up listening to stories about a prince that was charmed by a girl coming from the common world. The story ends when the prince gets married to the girl ( and they live happily ever after). For thousands of years, all girls dreamed and waited for that prince to show up someday at their doorstep. But never ever a man from the low class of society dreamed of charming a princess (even as a story, it never existed!)

But when a man proposes to a woman, she never accepts him unless he offers her a shiny gift! She never settles for words.

In the old time men were offering jewelry made out of metals. But these metals were fading, changing in color or rusting with time. Then gold was discovered: the metal that keeps shining and never rusts. Due to the rarity of that material, women wanted nothing else than being offered golden jewelry.

At that era, goods were traded against some other kind of goods. But with time, goods were traded to gold, the shiny metal that pleases women. As the success of a man has been at all times linked to the woman (or women) at his side, GOLD became the most valuable asset to possess. So basically, without women Gold wouldn’t have much value, since the malleability of the material limits its use.

And what gave more importance to gold were the following:
1) The ease to hide it. People used to bury their wealth in the soil of their garden!
2) Less difficult to cary compared to any other valued items of that time.
3) Golden jewelry were the possession that a woman could keep to herself following a divorce. So to guarantee a better future they wanted more gifts of the yellow stuff.

The reign of Gold dominated the centuries without a real competitor till the appearance in the late ones of a shinier product: Diamonds! They are per excellence the shiniest of all! Despite its use limited mostly to make jewels, it became the most expensive item to buy for a woman. Its accurate evaluation is function of its purity that cannot be seen by a naked eye! To propose to a woman, the proposal of a man must be accompanied with a solitaire ring!

So in conclusion, women have proven that they can give a great value to something with a little use!


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