Luck in life: Reality or Fiction?

Luck: Reality or Fiction?

Over the years we could never provide a correct answer to this fundamental question!   We sometimes believe that luck accompanies some people and not others. At other times, we are in denial of luck’s very existence and solemnly declare that whatever has happened is mere coincidence with no room for luck in the equation!

All mothers while wishing their sons a bright future say: “May God bring you luck”.  Although most religions attribute individual success to the blessings of the Lord and His satisfaction with us, it has never been proven that specific prayers or charitable works would lead to any outcome in this sense.

I will attempt to break down some of the factors I believe contribute to luck:

  • Beauty

Contrary to mathematical problems, the solutions of which yield to a single correct answer, we find that beauty, as in human features, wears diverse aspects. No matter how we frame it, the interpretations of beauty are countless!  When it comes to the face, we may check the shape of the eyes, their color, the eyelashes length, the eyebrows shape… yet the magic of a look can often be more powerful than a well-articulated speech. We may also focus on the beauty of the nose, the splendor of the lips that leave a slight gap through which symmetrical bright teeth can be noticed. In addition to the blushing of the cheeks, the color of the skin, its freshness, striking hair and so on.  Add to that the body shape, a person’s height, symmetry across a person’s face and body, and the beauty of its curves… Everything that comes with childbirth plays a role in the success of a person in his practical and social life!

  • The smile

The smile has its own magic. The bearer of which may succeed in getting a job or gaining a position that many with frowning faces may never reach!  A smiling face is a gift that comes with a person; early on in life, it could help him radiate with joy on those around him.

  • Intelligence

Although intelligence is a gift from the Creator, it can take different shapes:

  • Pure intelligence is what a person is born with, it helps him excel in different fields such as academic achievement, problem solving, and so on.  People with this type of intelligence may succeed in their endeavors even when their managers are less intelligent than they are!
    • Intelligence coupled with concentration is real power. The power to focus  helps the bearer to succeed when coupled with pure intelligence.  It plays the role of a magnifier that multiplies the power of intelligence in a specific direction.  
    • Fraudulent intelligence helped Adam’s sons become kings and begin battles and fights where the most evil of them prevailed over the good ones. This type of intelligence is partly genetic, while other parts of it are shaped by life’s experiences. We hardly find an evil society not forcibly generating further evil!
  • The power of speech and expression

Those who master the art of speaking in public can express and impose their opinion over those less skilled. With the power of their speech, they succeed in various fields such as politics, commerce, and trade.  This ability is mostly acquired within the environment in which they grow up.

  • Physical strength

Physical force played a large role in the past, but it weakened over the centuries with the proliferation of weaponry.  One must not forget that many health issues and weaknesses are genetic!

  • Perseverance

A person may excel at any endeavor over a certain period, but without perseverance, failure is certain!

  • Timing

Timing plays an important role in the success or failure of any action. It may either secure one’s survival or demise, all thanks to being at a specific place at a specific moment.

  • Making a decision

Every person faces one or more opportunities during his or her lifetime. It is ultimately their decision to undertake what may lead to success or failure. One might sometimes remember the occasion long after the matter!

  • Coincidence

Coincidence may play a role in the success of bets, however the probability remains mathematically low when it comes to success. 

  • In summary:

In my opinion, much of what is attributed to luck is no more than a gift we are born with, while other factors are due to upbringing, with a minimal part due to chance.


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