My prayer on this blessed holiday…

On this blessed holyday I pray unto you, O Lord, in time of your favor, I plea that you provide

Bread to the hungry

Drink to the thirsty

Cloths to the naked

Shelter to every being

With a place to rest his head and a cover to keep him warm

An honest job to earn a living

A homeland where laws would protect him from con men

Grant the people good children

 Caring neighbors

Lift oppressions and allow no one to be subjected to tyrants

Have mercy upon enduring people who have to leave behind everything they hold dear and take to the seas in desperation seeking new frontiers even at the expense of their lives 

Preserve them from the self-proclaimed righteous who would kill those who do not obey them and steal what ever they can get hold off pretending to do that in your name and claiming that you had empowered them 

O my Lord and Devine

Bring back the goodness to our world

For you are Almighty & Merciful


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