O Christmas, please do not come back…



O Christmas, please do not come back…

While tyrants control world wealth
While the wicked dominate the weak
While the hungry remain with no food
While rights can only be acquired through lawyers and judges
While the wealthy are never satisfied with the abundance bestowed upon them
While the religiously strict keep whitewashing fatwas in the name of the Creator
While justice is restricted to texts rather than being applied in real life
While the sick fail to receive medical treatment
While the many have no hope of a better future

O Christmas should you insist on coming back, please provide good health and wellbeing to all readers. You may also reward them with the best of what you have as you are the grantor and the most generous.


رأيان حول “O Christmas, please do not come back…

  1. Joseph Skaf كتب:

    Dear Bachir, this world is a perfect balance that maintain the sustainability sometimes we are in the down side of the balance the other time will be in up side of the balance so when the delta to balance both sides is narrow we feel good and stable, keep the good thinking and hope high to radiate the positive frequency that make the changes .

    • Thank you Joseph for your thoughts. However I do not agree with you on many points and that is not because I am pessimistic but because of the reality. The world is being governed by greed and hate!

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