In Canada, are we ready for the legalization of the marijuana?


In Canada, are we really ready for the legalization of marijuana?

Have we conducted enough studies on the dangers of consuming “marijuana” before its legalization comes into effect?
o Do we have doubts about that the government has decided on the marijuana legislation without having relied on extensive and comprehensive studies, despite the existence of the substance on the markets for centuries?
o This is assuming that disparate and limited studies exist on the usefulness of the substance in relieving pain, on the addiction and of subsequent loss of concentration caused by consumption.
o Aren’t we under the impression that the Prime Minister ordered this legislation after having publicly admitted that he had used this substance in the past?
o Can we ever forget that there is a political party in the country by the name of ‘’Marijuana Party’’?

Comparing marijuana with cigarette consumption:
o Who among us forgot the “Marlboro” advertisement depicting a cigarette smoking cowboy on horseback in the heart of the countryside?
o Did we forget that governments encouraged growing tobacco and provided subsidies for farmers?
o While at the time, for marijuana, the government attacked and sued consumers, producers, promoters and resellers. Culprits were tried, imprisoned and whipped in some countries!
o Would the media promote marijuana consumption?

Are tax revenues enough of a reason to push for the legislation?
o All tax revenues collected by the government over decades on cigarette trade have not been enough to cover for treatment costs of tens of millions of people that were consumption addicted!
o We can observe that the large amounts of money spent and continue to be spent on providing medical care are among the main causes of the Ministry of Health deficit!
o Can we predict in advance the adverse health effects and the negative impacts that marijuana consumption will have on its users?
o Are there schools and / or other programs that would educate young people and society on the harmful effects of dependence to such substance?


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